About Us

Meet the Owners: Lou Ann and Kemper

LOU ANN: A lifelong resident of Decatur IL. Lou Ann has been self-employed her entire life. At 21 she purchased a small relatively unknown little business known to the locals as Dels Popcorn Shop. Over the next 30 years Lou Ann transformed this obscure little shop into a multi-unit organization and in the process turning Dels into a household name throughout central Illinois. After moving to Florida Lou Ann worked in store management for an up-scale boutique grocery chain before devoting herself full time to the Pine Street Pub. Working out of a kitchen smaller than most walk in closets, Lou Ann creates daily specials that are basic yet utterly fantastic. Nearly everything at the pub is made from scratch and unavailable in any other restaurant in Citrus County. Her creative and eccentric culinary skills have distinguished the Pine Street Pub as the place to go for exciting food and she has the Civic awards to prove it!!.

KEMPER: A native of Wichita Kansas, Kemper has been in the restaurant and bar business his entire career. Proving conclusively that some people never, ever learn. From an early age he worked as a director of operation for several pizza chains before becoming a Pizza Hut Franchisee. Most recently Kemp owned and operated four pizza and Grinder shops in Springfield and Peoria Illinois as well as A Mexican restaurant and a Family restaurant in Decatur Illinois. A self-confessed neat freak with strong tendency toward O.C.D. Kemper regularly drives his coworkers and Lou Ann nuts with his continuous straightening of shelves and reorganizing stuff that doesn’t need to be organized in the first place. Around the Pub he serves as Lou Ann’s personal slave and organizes (there’s that word again!) promotions, orders the beer, does the daily paperwork, maintains the Pub, bar-tends and tells corny jokes.